When you’re good, you’re good. When you’re bad…you’re better.

In Necessary Evil a band of aliens lured the world’s superheroes into a cunning trap and killed or
imprisoned the vast majority of them. You are the only enhanced beings left to save the planet—supervillains! As the alien overlords’ policy is to kill anyone exhibiting paranormal powers, the only option open for such individuals is fight or flight! You can guess which option most villains choose…

A word about the world…

For anyone glancing through this campaign page that might have some previous experience with the Necessary Evil campaign world, you’ll notice that it’s not exactly the one published in the book. For starters, I made it more of an alternate Marvel universe. I wasn’t really groovin on the setting that was provided, but I loved the idea of the story. So in response I changed the NPCs and some of the history to better fit a more Marvel feel, but not so much so that the whole plot point campaign was a useless resource. Although in the process I’ve had ideas that will definitely (hopefully) move us away from the plot points, or at least become the bigger part of the campaign than the plot points. This is neither wholly Marvel, nor wholly the world of Necessary Evil. But it’s ours and that’s what counts.

Necessary Evil

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