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Atlanteans are an aquatic race that have lived on Earth for hundreds of years, appearing as having blueish tinged skin with gills. All of them have at least minimal psychic abilities, and many of them have highly developed powers. Atlantis was been ruled by King Namor, also known as Sub-Mariner to the surface world. King Namor was lost during the K’tharen attack on Atlantis, though rumors persist that he has survived. Currently, the surviving Atlanteans are refugees as their home city of Atlantis was destroyed and the V’sori regime declared all Atlanteans enemies of the state. They exist in small, scattered communities, hiding in the depths of the ocean. A brave handful explore the surface world disguising their heritage and dodging the V’sori however they can.


Modern day humans. ’Nuff said.


Though the occurrences are rare, humans and Atlanteans can interbreed. Their progeny always have the ability to send their thoughts, and more often than not, have a greater incidence of superior psionic powers. Other features of the Atlantean parent—such as Aquatic and blueish skin—are not guaranteed to be passed on.

NPC Races


The stuff of nightmares, the K’tharen are monstrous, slavering aliens—as fearsome as they are savage. Most are well over 7’ tall—every bit of which is muscle. The “fins” have humanoid forms but with a thick crocodile-like hide. Their head has a distinctive shark-like appearance, especially with the fin-ridge that runs along the top of their skulls and their coal-black eyes. Their coloration runs towards the darker end of the spectrum along their backs, from light greens to blue and violet, while the front is universally pale. The K’tharen grow darker along their dorsal ridge as they age, and older members of the race can appear pure black.


V’sori can best be described as beautiful. They are tall, thin, but wellmuscled, and bear a bluish (only stronger) complexion eerily similar to that of the Atlanteans who have lived among the people of Earth for generations. Their hair is mostly dark brown or black, and is often worn short, but with a single small braid of longer hair off to one side of the face. V’sori are rarely seen in public without their body armor, a tight suit of segmented plates composed of some unknown alien material. In battle, V’sori commanders wear full helmets with mirrored visors.

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