The Black Lotus

Doube Agent Assasin



Human/Atlantean hybrid

Attributes and Skills

Agility: d4

Smarts: d8

  • Investigation: d4
  • Knowledge (High Society): d8
  • Knowledge (Underworld): d6
  • Notice: d4
  • Spellcasting: d8

Strength: d4

Spirit: d8

  • Persuasion: d10

Vigor: d4

Derived Statistics

Charisma: +2
Pace: 6
Parry: 2
Toughness: 4


Arcane Background (Super Powers)
Power Points




Super Sorcery: 5 Points


The Black Lotus, or just Lotus to those that know her, was a master at social infiltration and an assassin for the Chinese Triad before this whole mess with the v’sori began. Her mother was a beautiful, kept woman, often seen on the arm of one of the Triad’s most powerful leaders. One night she returned home to Beijing to attend the wedding of her sister. She had a night out with her friends, consumed too much alcohol, and was wooed by the most impressive specimen of man she’d ever seen. He was Atlantean which made him all the more attractive. That night she and the Atlantean conceived a child.

Her boyfriend was furious to find out she was with another man’s child. He beat her and was planning to kill her and just be done with it. When the head of the Triad learned that she was with Atlantean child, he decided to buy the woman from his trusted lieutenant. Hybrids were known to have at least some degree of super ability.

When she was born the woman was disposed of and the baby was taken to a shadow monastery to be looked after. It was here that she was given the name Black Lotus, it was here that her powers were realized. She was raised with the understanding that she was a tool, a powerful tool for the Triad Lords, that their purpose was her purpose, their will was her command. When she came of age she began her work as an assassin, she was 14 years old. By the time she was 16 she was the most feared in the Asian underworld. By the time she was 19 she was feared across the world, though nobody could prove she existed.

That all came to an end when the v’sori came. They toppled governments, they took control. They quickly realized that the Triad was the real power in China and quickly dismantled it. Lotus was in the field when that occurred and she knew that going back wasn’t an option. But she was adept and not be seen, she knew how to not even exist.

Luck runs out on everyone though, and eventually she was caught, or was almost caught. The v’sori had her dead to rights before she was saved by a black man with white voodoo paint on. His name was Jericho Drumm, but he went by Papa Voodoo. He said he had a plan…

The Black Lotus

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