Lev Sidorsky


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Lev Sidorsky
Age 28
Neutral Evil
Spetsnaz (retired)

Agility- d10
Smarts- d6
Spirit- d6
Strength- d4
Vigor- d6

Dave Morford

Charisma- 0 0

Pace- 6 6

Parry- 5 [2+1/2 fighting]

Toughness- 5 [2+1/2 vigor]

fighting- d6

intimidation- d4

notice- d4

persuasion- d6

shooting- d12

stealth- d6

streetwise- d6

survival- d4

Arcane Background
Trademark Weapon
+1 Shooting with favored weapon
Steady Hands
Ignore “unstable platform” penalty, whilst running action penalty reduced to -1


Lev is unstoppable!


Will kill to get goals

Vengeful (minor)

Lev holds a grudge

Ranged Attack

(Extra Damage lvl 1 [-3/lvl], 12/24/48, 3d6)


(Not affected by fear or intimidation)


(ignore -2 penalty for unskilled)

Heightened Senses

(+2 Notice)

Aim +2 shooting throwing next round (no moving)
Defend +2 Parry, no other action (can move)
Disarm -2 attack, defender rolls Strength vs the damage or drops weapon
Double Tap +1 Shooting and Damage
The Round Burst +2 Shooting and Damage
Trick: Opposed Agility or Smarts, Target is -2 Parry until next turn and Shaken on raise (or other +2 for you)
Wild Attack: +2 Fighting, +2 Damage, -2 Parry


+5 xp: Increase Vigor d4 to d6

Lev Sidorsky

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