Gigas the Titan

Armored Skull Crushing Behemoth


“Gigas the Titan” Pretty much Done!

Agility: d10
Smarts: d8
Spirit: d4
Strength: d12+1
Vigor: d8

Distinctive Appearance (Minor) — Stands out in a crowd.
Vow (Minor) — Pledge to
Vengeful (Major) — Holds a grudge against the beings who killed his family.
Bad luck (Major) — One less benny per session.
EDGES (8 points)
Two-fisted — Attacks with both hands without multi-action penalty (-2 to hit with off hand)
Power points — +5 super points
Martial Artist — Never considered unarmed, no gang up bonus, adds 1d4 to unarmed melee attacks
Brawny — +1 Vigor x8 normal weight limit
Special Weapon — Gigas Fists +1 to attacks
Sweep — Attack all adjacent foes at a -2, 1 attack roll, but all damage is rolled seperately.

SKILLS (15 points)
Boating — 0
Climbing — 0
Driving — d4 (1)
Fighting — d12 (6)
Gambling — 0
Healing — 0
Intimidation — 0
Investigation — d4 (1)
Knowledge — 0
Lockpicking — 0
Notice — d4 (1)
Persuasion — 0
Piloting — 0
Repair — d6 (2)
Riding — 0
Shooting — 0
Stealth — 0
Streetwise — 0
Survival — 0
Swimming — d4 (1)
Taunt — d8 (3)
Throwing — 0
Tracking — 0

SUPER POWERS (15 points)
Armor (4) – armor +9, does not stack with regular armor
Requires Activation (-1): free action. Power resides in a device. (-1)

Melee (2) – does 1d6 damage+str, counts as heavy weapon. Gigas crushes his foes with powered armor fists of doom!

Earthquake (1) – 12" crack, 2ft deep, agi or shaken (stuck in crack. Gigas slams the ground with his fist sending seismic shock waves knocking opponents to the grounds.

Growth (7) – +1/lvl size, toughness, str step Monster (-1): Cannot turn off, -2 cha. Pituitary gland defects caused gigas to never stop growing,his size and strength has continued ever since he was a child.

Super Attribute (1) (Agility) +2 Agility Power resides in a device. (-1)



Born Marcus Young, he was the son of a salvage owner in a small town in the Midwest. He spent his childhood helping his farther rebuild cars and salvage old appliances for scrap. Marcus was diagnosed with Gigantism at an early age and was told by doctors that he may never stop growing. This made him much larger than most kids his age, leaving him feeling like an outcast. He then spent most of his time at the junk yard repairing vehicles and moving broken appliances, using his massive strength to help his family.
When the occupation began Marcus’s parents where killed when a blast leveled his parents house. Fueled with rage, Young began tearing apart cars. Stripping cutting and welding metal he began to forge a behemoth sized suit of armor the likes of which the world has never seen. Grafting door panels and and steel hoods for armor plates, and bearings and rotors for joints. He combined massive batteries from old factory equipment to charge the suit with a field of electricity jolting all who dare touch him. When the dust settled he named it Titan, not only because of the size but that the center breast plate was forged out of the hood of a Titan semi.
Marcus Young vowed them to seek out and destroy the creature that tore apart his only solitude. Consumed with rage at the loss of his family Gigas the Titan travels the world in search of Vengeance!

Gigas the Titan

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