Necessary Evil

the watery grave!

WHOO HOOO HAAA HAAA! The Liquidator and Entropy have struck their first blow for the freedom of the human race! With Gigas and Malic gone missing the remaining members of our illustrious order put together a bold plan to see the visible servitors of visori put down starting with the Mayor. lev and I found a lovely vantage point on the mayor usual motorcade route and after killing a couple delivery drivers we safely placed Lev where his skills could be put to best use. Quercus set up a road block of plants and with those few moments of confusion Lev was about to one shot the mayor. We all fell back to the sewers for some light celebration and after some soft jazz music ushered us off to sleep the Liquidator awoke to a Fin standing over me with nullifier guantlets and my partners already cuffed. Being super sonic has its advantages! I quickly freed them both and after a brief physical exchange then ended in a stalemate we retreated further to the old headquarters now laying in rubble. We told Dr. Doom of our exploits and impressed upon him that we aren’t hiding anymore, let them bring in director Fury, his life expectancy my dramatically decrease upon arrival.



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