Necessary Evil

Progress Report #1

It's gonna be "Lev" for awhile.


My apologies for not filing this report sooner. Also, my apologies for not completing my assigned mission. Seeing my task through remains my primary goal, but I am now operating under circumstances that add considerable challenges.

The top of the Valu-park garage offered an even clearer shot than I was expecting. The clear, windless day was better weather than I was expecting. And the Senator choosing to chat for so long in front of the Conquistador’s Club was even dumber behavior than I was expecting.

What I did not expect, however, was for the toll booth clerk to follow me up the garage. In the future, please provide me with correct local currency. I do not keep track of these matters.

So I took care of a temporary annoyance. Unfortunately, this clerk must have had some previous contact with our “Guests”. No sooner than he hit the ground, than a patrol appeared from the clouds to arrest me. If I knew that would happen, then I’d have used that shot on the Senator.

In shackles on the transport, I was more annoyed at myself for not taking advantage of a clear shot than I was worried about my situation. I suppose the worry would have came, if not for the sudden appearance of the famed Latverian, Dr. Doom. He released myself and five others. Unfortunately this rescue did not come without a price. I will not annoy you with the details, but I am now obliged to perform certain tasks for Doom. I would take measures to escape this responsibility, but… it’s Victor Von Doom.

The others appear to know each other. They are an eccentric group and stand out like a sore thumb, but their abilities are not to be underestimated. I hope this leads to a quick resolution of the tasks assigned by Doom. For then I can devote all my energies on the elimination of that worthless collaborator, Senator Chip Athatokis.

One more thing- The identity with which I left my house was “Lev Sidorsky”. I confess that I’ve not studied as well as I could. In fact this led to a tricky situation where I met a “fellow Russian”. Fortunately the circumstances were stressful enough to hide that my accent sounds, as my dialog coach put it, “like the bastard son of a Georgian and a Siberian goat.” If I knew what was to happen, I would have left for the mission as Declan McCallen. I could write novels of his stories. So, get rid of the Lev Sidorsky identity. I feel it will be of little use after this. And I do not want the organization attached to it.

I will report again as the situation permits.




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