Necessary Evil

non - aligned forces

Entropy takes another step forward!
I’ve been encouraging Lev as he was instrumental in killing Mayor Perez to examine the possibility that he could harness more powers then he was currently utilizing. Quercus and I, being dramatically altered in appearance, were forced to take the time to refine the control of our powers just to fit in. Lev was skilled before he was powered so he never had to take the same approach to surviving in this occupied world. Lev’s enhancement was dramatic. He went from a skilled sniper to a sniper who could could force control his bullet impact into a burst of kinetic energy.
Entropy reconnected with the Morlocks who promised us assistance and before we could meet the supers assigned to help us we were retasked by doom to run a arrand for him and met him in an abandoned hanger the held Doom’s cloaked transport ship which we boarded enroute to an unknown destination to rescue the former first lady and daughter of the late president.



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