Necessary Evil

Malics take on things

Fools, they are all fools

Happenings of the day per Malic

So after allowing myself to be “captured” things did not go exactly as i had planned as i ended up in power inhibiting manacles that revealed my original appearance. Though it wasn’t a total loss as i was able to gather some minor intel on the ship and personel. I was attempting to sort out how to best take control of the ship and release my partners when an extremely irritating event occured. Some fool in a halloween mask bust open the door and offers to “save” us. At this point i have no choice but to play along since now my entire plan has been compromised and i will never reach my desired destination.
And he had the nerve to talk down to me? Well isn’t that amusing. Let the fool think he is in control. I will play along until i have fulfilled what ever equivilant exchange is neccessary to make us even for him “saving” me. I will tolerate him fucking me over until he is of no further use.
After our new friend was done with his greetings he gave us a free flight to the ground…… I must say my patience is about done by this point. We agree to get one of his associates out of a secure facility in exchange for him not smashing us to the ground.
I quietly deploy my emergency chute while some of my other companions make a less……strategic approach to the situation. I quickly realize i am out of my element here. I try to find cover as best as i can which proves futile as i am quickly forced into melee. I destroy the guards pathetic mind and have him take care of the other guard that really seems to have taken a liking to me. I fail to notice a 3rd drone firing at me. I take a direct him and barely manage to avoid a serious wound. I quickly pull pistol #5 and fire an adhesive rnd with wonderous effect. I soon find relative safety near gigas and liquidater. After a few moments the rest of the drones were disabled and gigas somehow destroys the front of the cell as though he were merely dipping his hands in water. Truly this is an ally i must keep.
The ungrateful woman we released obviously had no training in social etiquette amd seemed as though she was easily panicked and generally scared in a way that annoyed me. Some other members of my party didn’t understand the importance of how your initial contact with a person can impact their usefulness to you. So i ended up speaking to her and liquidator at the same time through telepathy so we would be on the same page. The girl must have been a simple minded fool because from what liquidator told me she thought i was trying to mind rape" her. If this wasn’t bad enough it appears as if dr doom may have something to do with my voodoo friend.
So from this point i grabbed the remaining guard that was still under my control and took him back to hq for ….questioning. The others had pressing matters to attend to but i needed to take care of a few things myself, like track down this russian’s house and plant surveillance equipment. Later i found out that the new comer was allowed access to our hq. This is very troubling indeed. He can be dealt with if need be but my center of operations has now been compromised and i WILL be repaid for this one way or another/ And to top it off this russian Lev does not seem to have the capacity to comprehend and participate in a logical manner, strategies and planning that are neccesary for the success of this operation. For no wi will sort things out with my self and access the next course of action.



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